Eastern Exposure’s Phil Norman-Interview

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Interview

Eastern Exposure: Go ahead and give your intro.

Phil: My name is Phil Norman, I am from Delaware and I run EE.

EE: How are you affiliated with skateboarding?

Phil: It all started in 1991, I was living in Colonial Beach, Virginia and my neighbor was an avid skater and he hooked me up with a Vision deck. In 1995 my family moved to Delaware and the kids I was hanging around with were skating everyday, so I got a Capital Pepe Martinez deck off of my boy Jeremy and it was on from there.

EE: Do you still skate?

Phil: ha-ha I try to. I am so busy with work and I have a one year old son, its hard to find time but this past winter has been the worst winter in years so once it warms up I will be back on the board full time….at night.

EE: How was it skating during the 90s?

Phil: Best time ever for skateboarding period. I remember watching Toy Machine videos and Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure videos and it made me skate so much harder that day. In Delaware there isn’t that much to skate but there was a bank at the front of my neighborhood that was mainly just curbs but it had a really nice flow to it. Across the street from the bank was a shopping center and it was just a huge parking lot with a bunch of different gaps and bumps and small stuff to skate.

EE: I just saw your face book page and you just got some sick kicks….are you a sneaker head?

Phil: I don’t think I am a full fledged sneaker head but I do have some kicks. The pic you’re talking about is the Duffs Kareem Campbell’s KCK’s. My boy in Cali found them in Germany and he sold them to me. What’s weird is that I got a call from someone yesterday and they have the same shoe in my size brand new….they call that dead stock.

EE: What year are those KCK’s from?

Phil: They are from 1997 and I feel are most prominent shoe ever in any industry. They are perfect in so many ways. They are very very hard to get, I have been looking for ten years and just now got them.

EE: Are you a big fan of Kareem?

Phil: For sure! He is a legend. He has had the illest companies ever and he’s going through some battles right now with lawsuits and other things but when that’s over I think he is going to take back over.

EE: So enough about all of that. What’s going on with EE? Why aren’t we allowed to do updates?

Phil: I am working on something very special, I feel it may change the way people are getting their news about skateboarding. Every company that is giving news is going to change they way they do it.

EE: What do you mean?

Phil: I can’t go into specifics but it’s in the works of being trademarked and only EE can provide this service to our viewers.

EE: Ok well can you tell us what’s in the works for content?

Phil: We have an interview with Karl Watson that we are working on. We have a Top 5 with Ishod Wair that will be out soon as well. We have a bunch of product reviews that are in the works as soon as we get some warm weather and we will also just provide everyone with the latest breaking news.

EE: I heard our twitter is pretty popular.

Phil: Its going good…we talk with fans and pro/ams in the industry all day long. I am huge Lakers fan and I was showing Koston a photo the other day and he was tweeting about it. It’s pretty cool to think a person I watched growing up and idolized is shooting the shit with me over the Lakers.

EE: How can people get a hold of you?

Phil: It’s easy. Follow us on twitter @EExposure or you can email me eetweets@gmail.com

We are always giving away prizes and stuff on twitter and our Facebook.

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