eS Footwear is Out Of Business!

Posted: August 13, 2011 in eS Footwear
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eS Footwear is officially out of business. They have been in the skateboard footwear business since 1995 and have been a huge part of the footwear business.  I feel bad for the riders Ben Raemers, Bobby Worrest, Jimmy McDonald, John Rattray, Josh Matthews, Justin Eldridge, Kellen James, Kevin Terpening, Mike Anderson, Rick McCrank and Rodrigo TX.  I know that things have not been well for the company and they even moved the shoes to mainstream markets to help sales but in this economy nothing is safe.  If you thought Koston shoes were valuable well guess what, the value just went up even more. I would like to thank Es for allowing me to have the chance to skate the Accel’s for many years and I can say that has been hands down one of the best shoes of all time, I still have a pair in my closet. I wish all of the riders the best in finding new homes but I am sure DC will pick up some of these guys with no hesitation. I also hope the Flow riders land somewhere else too. I hate seeing a brand go down after all of these years but it may be a move for the better. Below is my favorite ad from Es.

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  1. mkbain says:

    Total sad day in skating. They did things about as close to right for the skaters as could be expected. They will definitely be missed but never forgotten.

  2. Don't Do It says:

    Awesome. I love seeing committed skate companies go under while guys all chase the money on the Nike bandwagon (including eS posterchild Koston). Gonna be even more awesome when Nike/Adidas/all these other sellout companies decide that skateboard product isn’t profitable and pull the rug out from everyone.

    • sk8ersbus1 says:

      i totally agree!!!! Nike is an obvious threat to skateboarding and i m a bit appalled at some of these team riders whom i’d rather not name , it appears like a trojan horse creeping in unaware. Nike sb is a wolf in sheeps clothing!!! even their t-shirts with the ancient nike check-mark logo is totally LAME!!! Just as bad as having to skate pre-fab skate parks that were designed with “planned obsolescence.” and fall apart in a few years.

  3. kiundrea says:

    haha,nike has always been apart of skating! Alva used to skate blazers back in the day.Besides,those two brands have brought in loads of money.and koston and the others have kids and bills!

  4. leon says:

    aww man I cant believe it. My eS’ were the best shoes ive ever had..skated them bout 7 or so..Its sad that such a great company s ran out of business!!

  5. William kemp says:

    Fucking sucks balls, es accels where amazing, and all the Es games of skate i watch on youtube and had even been privileged enough to take apart in an official es game of skate, tis a sad day for wood pushers!

  6. squirrelmasta says:

    my last 10 pairs of shoes have been accels. best shoe ever made and nw i cant find em in my size anywhere. i have three fresh pairs that i cant bear to even skate. tragedy for skateboarders everywhere

  7. DR.DEATH says:

    Thanks to Nike

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