LA “Ocean Howell”

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Kareem Campbell
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Came across this today and thought it was pretty random. Check it out.


Some how it has to do with Kareem Campbell….but its called Ocean Howell? I have no idea

  1. LA says:

    Hey I’m LA. Just to clarify any confusion I am a hip-hop artists from Seattle,WA who has been skateboarding my entire life. So this EP is really just a concept project to pay hommage to all of the skaters I grew up being inspired by as a youngster. Kareem Campbell is one of the nine tracks, some others include Natas Kaupas, Frank Hirata, Pepe Martinez etc. We decided to call the project Ocean Howell because there was always so much folklore around his skating back in the days and his style to me really reflects the period when tearing up the cities became more important than vert ramps and backyard pools. My intention was to make an album that sounded like the hip soundtracks from my favorite skate vids back in the day. Hope skaters around the world understand I mean no disrespect, this is just some tribute art from another fellow skater.

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