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Dani Lebron

Josh Matthews to the team. This is his 4 minute welcome to the team video. Also read his exclusive interview here:…
Learn how he shined through his 7 siblings to make it where he is today and how his hippie ways make him the designated health and physical education teacher for the éS team.


PJ Ladd is on…..

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Breaking News, PJ Ladd
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Supra Footwear!

That’s what the word is…..

We will continue to follow this story.

Zero Skateboards

Announcement is coming very soon.

Christian Flores to the team.



Nyjah Huston to the team

Supra Footwear…..Stay tuned for more updates.


The time has come and after several days of rumors the truth has finally been told.

Click the picture below for more details.

Well this is a shocker…the rumors have been spreading pretty fast over the past couple weeks but now it looks like it is very true. Berra has been with DVS for years and Chris has been with Fallen for quite a while as well. I have a feeling there is another person to follow their footsteps but I dont want to make any assumptions. I guess the photos below speak a million words…or dollars.

Arto Saari has announced he has joined Flip….again

I am pretty hyped on this.

How do you feel about this? Please leave your comments below.