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Ki Realer- Top 5

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Ki Realer
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Top Five Cities To Skate

1.Boston(best marble)

2.New York(best adventures)

3. Baltimore (best posse)

4.Montreal(even BESTER marble)

5. Philly (people still skate Philly? I thought everyone moved toCali?)


Top Five Shoes Of All Time

1. Es Accel

2. Axion Atlas

3. Emerica Reynolds’s 3

4. Fallen Rippers

5. Es Accel Plus’ (they are idiots for not making them anymore)


Top Five Tracks On Your IPod

1. Rick Ross: 9 Piece

2. Young Jeezy: Trap or Die 2 Introduction

3. Lil’Wayne: We Takin Over

4. Kanye West: Everything I Am

5. Slaughterhouse: Microphone


Top Five Board Companies

1. Hoodlum (haha shameless plug)

2. Reign (they may as well be a board company)

3. Expedition


5. DGK (maybe not ALL day…more like 10-2 or 5-9)


Top Five Reasons You Skate Everyday

1. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

2. it’s my life.

3. Its fun

4. Keeps me sane

5. Because I’m still a skate rat.