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This weeks Sunday Hype! goes to Stephan Martinez

Sunday Hype! Nate Rojas

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Nate Rojas, Sunday Hype

Nate is 21 years old out of Brooklyn NY and hes just killing everything.

This is a must see!

Wade is one of my homies out of Brooklyn. He is a down to earth dude who is in college while skating everyday. He has a video coming out this fall called Skater Cola and he is also starting a wheel company called Solid Urethane.

Check out his footage and be sure to watch out for this guy in the future!

This kid just paid every due there is in the game. No other words are to be said after this.


This weeks Sunday Hype! is Zach Gallagher out of Delaware. I have heard about this kid for years but haven’t had the chance to skate with him.

Check it out and keep an eye out for this guy!

Here is this weeks Sunday Hype.

Drew Windons part from Bolts and Buttah is a banger and this kid is one to watch out for! Please remember to send your links to us!

Peep it!