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Tim Gavin is a legend.  He is the owner of DVS footwear and has a long history in skateboarding.  With both of us having busy schedules we were able to make this happen.

EE: First off, Thanks for having this interview with us. Let’s just start from the beginning and tell us how you got into skating.

Tim: I got into skating around 87 in Mesa Arizona.  My Dad was in the Air Force so we moved around a lot but I spent the majority of my childhood in Arizona.  I noticed some of the kids skating around the Air Force Base neighborhood and I immediately was drawn to it.  From there, I saw one Powell video, and Tony Hawk spinning around for days and that was it!

EE: What made you get into the business side of skateboarding?

Tim:  I had the opportunity to do something with friends and I always wanted to be involved in skateboarding.

EE: Any advice to kids out there who want a career in this industry?

Tim:  You have to be passionate about anything you do.

EE: What’s next for DVS? Is there a new video in the works?

Tim:  Actually, your psychic, as I’m breaking the news here.  Yes, as of today we are going to start on working on another video!!

EE: So Luis is now on the team and the dude is grinding up rails, how do you feel about the progressing skating has taken since you started skating?

Tim:  Its f*$king insane!  I can’t believe how good kids are these days  and how professional they are.  They have a much more different approach to skateboarding then my era.  However, I think my era was a lot more fun as it was all about skateboarding!  Business didn’t taint it for one second.

EE: Most companies are doing re-issues of classic shoes, are you guys doing any as well? I know the GETZ 1 would be a big deal for us on the east coast.

Tim:  We got some surprises coming…

EE: What are your top five favorite shoes of all time?

Tim:  Gavin Classic, Luster, Rico CT, Jeron Wilson 4, Keenan’s shoe

EE: Any final words for you? You’re a busy guy and we don’t want to keep you tied up with this.

Tim:  Be Patient, trust certain processes to take place and understand that life is a learning experience.  Make sure you learn daily and be positive to everybody around you, that’s what’s important.  And tell your kids you love them every day!

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