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Axion Footwear is set to release Manny Santiagos new shoe this month called the “Mijo”. Take a look at that and the other shoes Axion plans to release.


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Patrick O’Dell announced on his facebook that the first Menace episode drops this week. This will be the most talked about episode….ever. I am looking forward to it. Check out for updates.


Year was 2000…Brian was named SOTY.

In four days Manny will be releasing his video part entitled 9-10-11 which I am pretty sure is his birthday. He has been throwing throwaway footy on youtube for a couple months now and we are anticipating the release of this video. Manny has been nice enough to give us permission to throw this clip up on the site so you can get a preview of whats to come. On 9-10-11 go to and watch 9-10-11, I know for a fact that we will.


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Scheduled to be released Spring 2012.