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Go over to and check out the updates. Big things are coming in 2012 for them and we are very excited to be working with Kareem and the gang. Holla!

Eastern Exposure is proud to announce the first rider to our upcoming team, Wade has been a part of Eastern Exposure since day one and he has been a great supporter and a influential part of making the site what it is today. Wade had a “Sunday Hype” last year that gained a bunch of popularity and traffic and we knew from that point a team must be created. Wade was quoted “I’m hyped to be part of something so commited to skateboarding. Its something i love so i put my all into it. Eastern Exposure will help me express my love for skating for sure!”

We are also proud to announce Eastern Exposure is the first skateboard blog to have a team. 2012 is a huge year for us and we are working hard to bring you nothing but the best in skateboarding.




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Sorry for the lack of posts…..things have been super busy. Check out this clip, it features dudes out of Delaware and skating the streets of Philadelphia.

Year was 2000…Brian was named SOTY.

Eastern Exposure supporter Stefan Pompee shared some footy with us from a two day mission. I see him rocking that Trophy Grip!

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